Ed 3508

Sunday, September 18, 2005

After starting my own blog I can see how blogging could be used in the classroom. I found this program relitively easy to navigate and think that younger students could do the same. Within the classroom there are many different ways in which blogs could be incorporated. If in your classroom you do not have a school email system and you wish to reach your students over the internet, you could create a blog for the class where they could get class assignments online. This would provide an oppertunity for those who my have lost the assignment requirements a way to still get the assignment done. Also with parental or student permission you could use blogs to publish student work. As we are studying in our Language and Learning class it is very important to be able to publish your students work in some way as it increases thier ambition to do the best that they possibly can. Publishing a students work through blogs could increase thier desire to learn and therefore assist classroom teaching.