Ed 3508

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Technology integration can be a very useful tool in the classroom. However, that is only if it is used properly. Bad teachnology integration occurs when it becomes the primary focus, using teachnology just for the sake of using it. Some example could be using a spreadsheet document independantly just to show the use of a spread sheet, or creating a powerpoint just to show that you can use the program. Programs change at such a rapid rate that this is not advisable. Instead you need to use good technology integration, where technology is the means to the end. This could be using an internet site to show children communities outside there own to compare and contrast them for a social studies unit. They are using technology just to use it, they are using it to expand thier knowledge of communities and what makes up a community. Some barriers to technology integration in the classroom can sometimes be teacher ignorance to the programs available to them, but it could also be an unwillingness to change. Some teachers like a certain structured way of doing things and new tachnology means having to step out of their comfort zone. It could also be that a tecaher just doesn't know how to implement a program successfully in their classroom even though they can personally use it and are not opposed to change.