Ed 3508

Monday, October 31, 2005

Internet safety is becoming increasingly important in today's technology savvy classroom. One key aspect to this is student awareness. One thing that children need to learn at a young age is how easy it is for personal information to become public over the internet. They also need to understand the negative consequences that this could lead to. Making them aware of the negative ways in which their information could be being used is especially important if you encourage using websites as research resources. Some sites out for commercial gain could hurt them. As well when using the internet as a research tool students need to be aware that what they read isn't always true. They need to be taught to think critically about the sources that they use, and be able to distinguish fact from fiction. Other issues in internet safety include cyber bullying and online predators. Children need to know that such people do exist and the steps that they should take if they encounter such a person. It is important to think critically about all information on the internet and all users of the internet. Not everyone is out to hurt you, but constant awareness is the best way to ensure that no one does.