Ed 3508

Monday, October 17, 2005

Spreadsheets in Education

There are a number of ways to use spreadsheets in education, especially using excel. There are two main things that I especially like. One is to use it for a time line. It would be agreat way to integrate technology into the social studies classroom, and a way to get students excited about the topic. They get to create something new and creative on the computer and for many it could actually inspire them to do a good job on the project. Another thing I like it for is making graphs. It is a simple way for students to create more difficult graphs to draw, such as the pie chart. They can easily see the relation between the numbers in graph form. This would assist in integrating teachnology into the math curriculum. Online tutorials would be very helpful with those struggling with the program because they can learn at their own pace and practise a concept as many times as nessecary before moving on. One link that I like that further explains some of the things that you can do with excel is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/214094 . It explains the conepts of using dates and times in excel really well.