Ed 3508

Monday, October 31, 2005

Webquests can be an effective teaching tool if used properly. A good webquest needs to be easy to use for the student. Because the idea is for students to guide themselves through the research process on their own using the links provided, the more detailed and specific you make your instructions the more student friendly it will be. A clear introduction and task will start students on their way to success, a structured process will make it possible for students to learn and discover independently and at their own pace. It is also wonderful to have the way that students will be evaluated with all of their other links so that you are not hiding the grading process and students have a clearer picture of what you want, and what they are working towards. Really the more basic and user friendly you can make it the more effective it will be with your students.

One way that I could use webquests in my classroom is as a part of a novel study. Individually or in groups you could have students research the author of the book, the time period in which it was written, and even get them to analyze the plot and theme within the novel. They could also be used in any subjects research projects. As a part of students research if you want them to use many kinds of sources or as the entire thing. For example in grade 6 social if you were studying Greece you could have your class in groups and have each person research a different aspect of the Greek culture such as government, religion, or so on. At the end the group could come together and make a travel brochure for ancient Greece using all of the information collected. If you have more time available to your class on computers you could also have them all do this individually.